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You have functional and decorative stickers available for your digital planning. But remember that you can also use them on your social networks, such as your Instagram stories. You only need to import them to your mobile device, for example in your images folder to always have them available.
Colors may have slight variations. This will depend on the calibration of the screen from which you are viewing the product.
As it is a DIGITAL Product, you can enjoy it from the moment you have it in your possession. Yes, I will save you those tedious waits in which you cannot leave your cave because you will not receive any physical product at home!
If you are going to use the stickers in the Goodnotes application, you have two options when importing them.
The first and most comfortable way is to import the .goodnotes file that is included in the application; It does not need to be modified or decompressed.
The second is suitable for the Goodnote application and the rest of the apps (Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, etc). You will only have to drag each sticker in PNG format from the location where you have saved them to the application where you are going to use them.
Once you have made the purchase, a new window will automatically open on your computer where you will find the download links for each of the products. In addition, you will also receive an email with the download links and a summary of your purchase.

As it is a digital product and can be downloaded immediately, product changes or returns are not allowed.

Finally, I can only ask you that please do not distribute, modify or resell. I will be eternally grateful!